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15:14 Friday, April 28
Kampala, Uganda

$1.0 = UGX 3,642.000
€1.0 = UGX 3,957.405
£1.0 = UGX 4,701.175

Land Rover prices Uganda. Search, browse and buy new and used Land Rover from over 2 car dealerships and 4 private Land Rover sales. Brand new or second-hand cars for sale. Land Rover classified online.

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1998 Land Rover
Used Land Rover Freelander for sale in Kampala
USh 14m | details
1995 Land Rover
Used Land Rover stationwagon for sale in
USh 16m | details
1998 Land Rover
Used Land Rover rangerover for sale in
USh 17m | details
1997 Land Rover
Used Land Rover shortchasis for sale in
USh 28m | details
2000 Land Rover
Used Land Rover Evogue for sale in Kampala
USh 65m | details
2000 Land Rover
Used Land Rover Defender for sale in Kampala
USh 65m | details